Performance by Cerulean (she/they), Reigning National Miss First Nation’s Winner

Cerulean (she/they) Meriam drag artist and reigning national Miss First Nation’s winner. Cerulean is one of Naarm/Melbourne’s most dynamic and vibrant conceptual performers bringing a refreshing cloud of excitement and pleasure to the stage, representing the Torres Strait Islands as a proud Meriam drag artist. As the current reigning winner of the national Miss First Nation pageant in 2021 and the Supreme Queen pageant at Sydney World Pride 2023, she is set to propel her way into shaping the future of drag. With 4 years of drag under her belt, she’s performed and hosted at various festivals, clubs and community events around the nation. As a visionary performer, you can expect her to deliver compelling stories through exceptionally fierce and entertaining drag performances that will leave audiences salivating for more.

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15 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD