Grazie Gufram For 50 Years of The Cactus

Disco And Donuts, Celebrating 50 Years of The Cactus

Gufram is an Italian brand globally known for pushing the limits of industrial design. With its Radical Design spirit and its nonconformist experimentation, Gufram has created seats and interior design icons that have entered collective imagination.

This year, Gufram celebrates the 50th anniversary of an icon which completely revolutionised the domestic landscape. One of the most famous examples of Radical Design, Cactus has been celebrated by various generations of artists, designers, and creatives.

For Saturday InDesign, Living Edge pays tribute to 50 years of the cactus. and presents the largest selection of Gufram ever displayed in Australia in one big Italo celebration.

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Living Edge, The Woolstores, 74/4D Huntley Street, Alexandria