‘Shaping our Future’: An exhibition by Space Furniture

‘Shaping our Future’: An exhibition by Space Furniture

The value of design is not only judged through its functional or aesthetic impact, but on its environmental and social impact on the planet.

Shaping our Future is an installation in which Space takes a closer look at our design collection through the lens of ethical and sustainable practices. It’s the start of a journey that focuses on the role we play in business and as individuals in shaping the world we want.

This SID, at Space Furniture Sydney, we invite you to explore a fictional apartment, with three curated rooms where you can learn about current and future directions for Space partners B&B Italia and Kartell, who are developing exciting materials and design processes to transform their products, along with the steps Space is taking to review its own business systems on the path to becoming carbon neutral.

Like their partners and friends across the design industry, a founding principle of Space’s philosophy is to support design that is built on quality, function, beauty, and importantly product longevity, to fundamentally shift the overconsumption model. The furniture in this apartment represents both new and re-released designs that are manufactured for longevity, including pieces that were designed 50 years ago and remain relevant today, from brands including B&B Italia, Kartell, Baxter, Acerbis, Giorgetti, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GMBH, Glas Italia, Foscarini, SP01, Edra, Roll & Hill and Living Divani.

The apartment is accompanied by a photography series inspired by nature, with each room in the apartment featuring in a dreamscape that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Each image aims to remind us of our ever-tangible connection to the beauty of nature and the possibilities it brings, and to act as a visual reminder of why we must as a business and individuals come together to re-shape our impact on the world for the better.

From an endless meadow of flowers, the beauty of the universe lit up in the night sky and the calm meditation of the ocean, the optimism of each interior draws parallel with new innovative technologies that are helping to shape a circular design future.

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