What is Saturday Indesign?

Saturday Indesign is a one-day event being held in Sydney on May 21 from 9am-5pm. Bringing together the best of Australia’s design scene with a program of design discussions, interactive installations, workshops, product launches and more. 

Hosted in key design showroom locations across four design precincts including Waterloo, Surry Hills, Alexandria and the CBD, start your day at any exhibitor location and make use of our free bus loops to get around to see it all. 

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Where is the event?

Date: May 21
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Saturday Indesign will be hosted in our exhibitor showroom locations across four design precincts: Waterloo, Surry Hills, Alexandria and the CBD

Saturday Indesign does not have one main location. It works by uniting showrooms and pop-up spaces across Sydney, connected by design trails and our own free shuttle buses, running regularly all day across our four precincts: CBD, Surry Hills, Waterloo and Alexandria. You can start your day anywhere at any exhibiting location. See exhibitors and the full event schedule so you can plan your day here.

How does the event work?

Saturday Indesign involves a coming together of international, regional and local commercial design houses and leading creative figures from the architecture and design industry. Key design-led showrooms around Sydney will be transformed by conceptual installations, while hosting topical industry seminars, international guests, workshops, demonstrations and entertainment. Exhibitor locations are connected by design trails that can be walked, alongside our own free shuttle buses running regularly all day. The whole program is like a choose-your-own design adventure for industry insiders and design lovers. It’s free to attend but you must register.

Who can attend?

Saturday Indesign is a unique design experience primarily serving:

Architects, developers, design hunters, industrial designers, interior designers, manufacturers, product suppliers, specifiers.

It brings together members of the architecture, building, construction and design industries in a creative format that’s immersive and interactive, social and fun. You can bring friends or family, you can meet some of the most ambitious, creative design minds, you can (re)connect with the local design community, and you can get to know world-leading brand cultures. It’s a social design experience.

All design lovers are welcome.

How do I get around at Saturday Indesign?

There are a number of ways to navigate the event this includes: 

  • The exhibitor showrooms you would like to see 
  • Timed events and activations you would like to experience 
  • Design Discussions and talks you would  like to attend 
  • Creative ‘The Project’ installations

You can choose your own adventure at Saturday Indesign, and attend as many exhibitor locations and activations as you choose between 9am-5pm Saturday May 21. 

Saturday Indesign will provide a map of showroom locations including ways to get around such as: 

  • Free bus loops connecting all exhibitor locations throughout the day
  • walking trails between locations of close proximity
  • an indication of showrooms and locations with parking

When does registration for SID 2022 open?

Online registration is now open! Complete your free registration here.

Is there a fee for registering?

There is no fee for registering to Saturday Indesign.

Can I register on the day?

Online registration will be open on event day right up until 5pm – our system works on mobile so you can do on the fly. You can also register at any participating showroom on the day although we do strongly encourage guests to register online pre-event – early registration means you’ll skip the queue on the day, and you’ll be in the running to win some very attractive, well-designed prizes.

When will timed events and talks be available?

Our first drop of timed events has been released! Check it out here and start planning your day.

Registration for individual sessions is not required. Start your day at any exhibitor location, and use our timed events to help you navigate to key, not-to-be-missed elements of the Saturday Indesign experience. Free bus loops will be provided to help you get around on-day.

Will there be buses available, and how can I navigate this?

Yes, free Saturday Indesign buses will be available to transport you around Sydney on the day. An interactive map will be available on the website with a key to help you track your route for the day.

There is no fixed starting point for your Saturday Indesign experience. All exhibitor showroom locations are connected by our bus loop so you can start your day at any time between 9am – 5pm at any exhibitor location and visit the locations you choose.

Is there an event app I can download?

There is no official downloadable Saturday Indesign App. Instead, the website is mobile friendly and highly responsive with all the information you’ll need on the day. It includes all timed sessions and talks, an interactive map and bus routes, so you’re able to easily navigate what’s on nearest to you and plan your day. The website will have live updates on the day to keep you up to date closely.

Help! The Federal Election is also on May 21!

Voting in the federal election is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens. As the election has been called for May 21st we encourage all attendees to register for a postal vote to ensure your event day is kept clear.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

The whole team at Indesign is committed to ensuring a safe event for all exhibitors and attendees. As such, we are monitoring the latest updates and advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) as released by the Department of Health and Human Services at a state and national level. 

We want to make sure that Saturday Indesign is both high-quality and safe and will be adjusting protocols if and when required by NSW Health.

As of 14th February 2022, all visitors will be required to be double vaccinated to enter any exhibiting showrooms and the shuttle and VIP buses.

Who do I contact for help and support?

For support with registration and other general Saturday Indesign enquiries please contact the Events team:

Brydie Shephard, Event Manager at brydie@indesign.com.au