Flex your creativity on The Project at Saturday Indesign

Keen to design something engaging and interactive that will leave people mesmerised? We want you! Get your creativity flowing and build an installation for Saturday Indesign 2020.

It’s not everyday you get an open brief. The Project at Saturday Indesign is pretty much that. Working in collaboration with our exhibiting partners, which we pair you up with, you’ll design and execute an installation that will form a key part of Saturday Indesign, set for 20 June 2020. 

What exactly is Saturday Indesign? It’s a one-day design showcase full of walking trails, design discussions, workshops and everything in-between. Focused on fostering relationships between designers and suppliers, The Project is a much-loved feature of the overall program where collaboratively-designed activations (this is where you come in) pop-up in the showrooms of select exhibitors.

As Indesign Media celebrates its 20th birthday in 2020, the theme for the project is “Back to the Future”, a brief that encourages exploration into everything that was, is and will be. 

Here’s how it works in a nutshell: 

Step 1: Register your interest in being a design collaborator, just drop us a line at info@saturdayindesign.com.

Step 2: We pair you up with a design exhibitor.

Step 3: You work together on designing an installation for the exhibitor’s showroom as part of Saturday Indesign, guided by the theme “Back to the Future”.

Step 4: Thousands of people stream through and interact with your amazing creation and you get all the feels.

The Project is the perfect opportunity to get away from your desk and let ideas germinate and grow. Over our 15 year history, The Project has seen installations of all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all come back to is the fact that good ideas spark pure joy. What will you bring in 2020?

LightCo x ACME&Co at Saturday Indesign Sydney 2017
Stormtech at Saturday Indesign Sydney 2013.
Stormtech at Saturday Indesign Sydney 2013.
Arthur G & Mokum x WMK at Saturday Indesign Melbourne 2019.
Arthur G & Mokum x WMK at Saturday Indesign Melbourne 2019.