Meet the new kids on the design block

Saturday Indesign is just around the corner. And to make sure it’s jam-packed with the most insightful and engaging content around, we’ve pulled together an impressive team of ambassadors. These are the designers that we’re turning to, to help make Saturday Indesign the absolute best it can be – an immersive design showcase set among the best showrooms across Melbourne.

So without further ado, these are the people we’re working with behind the scenes…


Angus Edward

Associate Interior Designer, K.P.D.O.

Angus is intensely passionate about all things design related and has been building his knowledge base working with K.P.D.O. for the past five years. With a natural tendency to bring people together in his workplace he makes for the perfect candidate as a Saturday Indesign ambassador – he advocates for design in all manner of ways. Angus is a natural collaborator and this is an approach that has brought him great success in finished design outcomes. “I’m excited to be a Saturday Indesign ambassador. It’s an event that I remember attending and I think it’s an important opportunity to meet peers and colleagues and bond over a shared passion,” says Angus.

Brittany Pearce

Interior Designer, Woods Bagot

Brittany believes that having a curious nature is one of the best traits you can have as a designer. For Brittany this means she is constantly looking for new experiences, making observations and recording these insights. Brittany is a specialist workplace interior designer in her role at Woods Bagot, which is where these natural proclivities come to the fore – she will unpack and investigate the true needs of her clients in order to get the best design outcome. Believing that a great workplace interior designer must “practice what you preach”, Brittany co-founded the Wellbeing program for Woods Bagot’s Melbourne studio. For Saturday Indesign Brittany is looking forward to contributing to the dialogue and helping to shape the program.

Jess Humpston

Interior Architect, Foolscap Studio

Bringing particular experience in hotel and hospitality design, Jess is an interior architect working with Foolscap Studio. Multi-disciplined in her approach, Jess has a background in both fashion design and interior architecture – a dichotomy of scales that feeds into her work. She uses this inquisitive approach with test ideas and creativity in furniture making, ceramics, painting and photography. Who knows how Jess’ background may shape the Saturday Indesign program but one this is for sure, it will be fun and creative.

Kim Bridgland

Director, Edition Office

Kim Bridgland is one half of Edition Office, an award-winning architecture studio from Melbourne. Founded in 2016 with Aaron Roberts, Edition Office has quickly built an impressive catalogue of works, including having recently being announced as the 2019 NGV Architecture Commission winners. Through thoughtful research the practice is developing a collection of relics, stories and understandings that help to form the narratives the pair wish to express through their work. This comes back to a great respect and a considered awareness of the historical conflict experienced across Australia. We’re excited to be welcoming such needed and healthy discussion to Saturday Indesign.

Phillip Nielsen

Design Director, Regional Design Service

What does regional design look like in Australia? For Phillip Nielsen, co-founder of the Regional Design Service based in Corowa NSW, it looks promising. Started in 2017, the practice seeks to spark debate and educate the community on the value of design. Working across a huge range of typologies, including strategic planning to government infrastructure and residential work, Phillip is passionate to be working in an area where good design is sorely needed. Phillip will bring this experience to Saturday Indesign, sparking discussion around what it means to run a practice and/or the importance of remembering our regional centres.

Tom Reid

Senior Designer, DesignOffice

Tom brings eight years of experience to his role at DesignOffice, working across multiple countries and typologies including hospitality, workplace and retail. Motivated by creating authentic and considered design experiences, Tom gets inside the mind of brands to interpret their DNA. Prior to joining DesignOffice, Tom was with Geyer where he worked on projects for clients like Telstra, Aēsop and Gazprom. Where is retail and the future of branded experiences heading? Tom’s insights will help to make sure we get you some answers.