Life in the express lane: how to travel Saturday Indesign in VIP style

Saturday Indesign is returning to Melbourne this September, and with so much design inspiration packed into the one day event, it’s the perfect time to start planning your on-day experience. While the Saturday Indesign buses have been an event mainstay over the last decade, there’s a new mode of transport in town and it’s quickly becoming the go-to for design studios in the know.

So forget timetables and set routes and spend your day in VIP style with a private bus booking for you and your studio. Our studio buses have been moving the country’s top studios around Saturday Indesign since 2019 and this year we’re set to bring them back with a bigger fleet to accommodate more studios than ever before!

What are studio buses?
Studio buses are a private fleet of buses which are assigned to specific studios that are registered to attend Saturday Indesign. The buses are assigned to studios with ten or more registered Saturday Indesign attendees and act as a private transport service for that studio for the duration of the event.

Where do the buses go?
The buses will pick you up at a designated time from a central location. If your studio is centrally located this can be your pickup location. Once your team has been picked up, the bus will follow a route and timetable that has been curated just for you. Once your bus booking has been confirmed you’ll work in tandem with the Saturday Indesign event team, letting them know the showrooms you need to visit and the activations you can’t wait to see. They’ll put together a route tailored to you and your driver will make sure you get where you need to go for the entire day.

How much do they cost?
Studio bus bookings are completely free! However, as requests for bookings outweigh the size of the fleet you are not automatically guaranteed a bus. To avoid disappointment, we recommend submitting your EOI as soon as possible, via this link

My studio is small – what if I don’t have the numbers?
If you’ve got under ten people in your team or only a small group is planning to attend, you’re welcome to submit an EOI. If we have multiple small teams enquire or have extra space on a bigger team’s bus, we may look to combine studios. In the past, this has opened opportunities for on-bus networking and lasting connections!

What happens if I register but don’t get assigned a bus?
Fear not! Studio buses are just one way to navigate Saturday Indesign. If you miss out or your team doesn’t have the numbers you are welcome to make use of the Saturday Indesign event buses – which are available to use by all attendees – follow a walking trail, carpool, carshare or use public transport to zip around the different precincts and visit all the showrooms.

Groups that attend SID together, stay together (for the whole day at least!). So what are you waiting for? Level up your Saturday Indesign experience and express your interest in a studio bus today.