Unleash your creative genius with The Project at Saturday Indesign 2024

Seize this rare opportunity to work on an open-ended brief that’s all about innovation, collaboration, and transformation as we invite you to join forces with our esteemed exhibitors for The Project. Together, you’ll conceptualise and bring to life an installation that’s not just seen but experienced, becoming a cornerstone of Saturday Indesign as it returns to Sydney on 7 September 2024.

So, what exactly is Saturday Indesign? Imagine a day brimming with design marvels, from enthralling walking trails and insightful discussions to hands-on workshops. At its core, Saturday Indesign fosters deep connections between designers and suppliers, setting the stage for collaboratively designed activations to take the spotlight in selected showrooms.

2024’s theme, “Reawaken,” calls for a journey through reinvention and sustainability, urging you to explore and blend the past, present, and future of design. 

HOW.Group + Autex Acoustics X RMIT Project Installation 2023

Here’s a simple guide to getting involved:

Step 1: Show your interest! Fill out the form here to get the adventure started.

Step 2: We match you with a design exhibitor, setting the stage for collaboration.

Step 3: Together, you’ll craft an installation that not only aligns with the “Reawaken” theme but also transforms the exhibitor’s space into a hub of innovation for Saturday Indesign.

Axor X Plus Architecture Project Installation 2023

The Project offers a unique chance to step away from the conventional, nurturing your ideas from seeds to full-blown spectacles. With a history rich in diverse and impactful installations, The Project is a testament to the joy and connection sparked by great design. What magic will you conjure up in 2024?

The Project is free to be involved in and similarly, brands are not required to pay you a fee. While there may be costs involved in bringing your vision to life, we encourage a mindful approach to budgeting and environmental impact.

Reece + Neolith X Fraser and Partners Project Installation 2023

Feeling inspired? Registration for The Project is now open! Whether you’re looking to exhibit or simply attend, mark your calendar for Saturday Indesign on September 7, 2024, and get ready to be part of something truly special. To begin your collaborative journey, express your interest in The Project now! 

Kaolin Tiles X ARM Architecture Project Installation 2023