Be there as Sydney transforms for Saturday Indesign

For the last two decades, Saturday Indesign (SID) has been a cornerstone of the Australian design scene. The one-day event returns to Sydney on Saturday May 21 with a jam-packed program of talks, exhibits, and workshops. Set in the best design showrooms right across the city, Saturday Indesign will literally, and figuratively, transport you to the heart of the design industry.

Part of this transformation of the harbour city includes never before seen collaborative installations, that are on show for one day only. If you’re looking for a serious boost in creative inspiration, Saturday Indesign may just have what you’re looking for! 

While every installation at SID provides attendees with the opportunity to interact with some of the country’s foremost design organisations, Saturday Indesign gives the entire industry the chance to come together to collaborate, experiment and learn what makes the Sydney design scene one of a kind. With a number of local, regional and international brands on show, SID is an unheralded opportunity for the design world to come together

‘The Project’ is one of the most highly anticipated features of Saturday Indesign. A jewel in the crown of the SID program, The Project provides architects, designers and other creatives the ability to work in conjunction with exhibiting companies and their products to create installations, visual displays and interactive experiences within showroom spaces. 

This year, The Project is themed around regeneration, which prompts exhibitors, creatives and attendees alike to consider their role in a society which is reawakening after a pandemic-induced slumber. As we re-emerge, the stark realities of climate destruction, mass wastage, and a lack of true human connection are issues we as an industry need to address. When we think of regeneration, all things natural and handmade come to mind. We think of seasons and AI, robotics and life cycles, old buildings brought back to life, of ground-breaking innovations, of communities reconnecting and movements of sustainability. Grab a sneak peek of some of these collaborations below.

1. Stormtech x Squillace

Be guided through the exhibition space (hosted within the Caroma showroom) by illuminated cubes containing Stormtech’s product off cuts, showcasing Stormtech’s practice of recycling and sustainability. Renewing and re-using products to reduce the environmental footprint is leading to growth and new versions of what has been. At the end of the path experience an immersive display is reached demonstrating growth, renewal and flexibility.

2. Kaolin Tiles x ARM Architecture

Cleverly designed by ARM Architecture and crafted by Kaolin, behold a circular patterned installation speaks to the visitor, where Regeneration becomes fully realised at a given point or moment in time.

3. Anterior XL x Plus Architecture

Through various iterations, Plus Architecture and Anterior XL were able to develop a demountable structural system that can be easily used to stack the stone slabs, creating a piece that restores its sculptural qualities. It is a prototype that involves cutting up a stone slab, with the idea that after the exhibition, it can be taken apart and reused for other purposes if required.

4. Porter’s Paints x PTW

To replicate the psychological transformation of being “reborn”, Porter’s Paints and PTW have decided to reference colour strategies from a variety of influences such as Johannes Itten, Joseph Albers, Sanzo Wada. The pairing plans on experimenting with colour action, layering and in turn creating a journey of colour interaction.

The creativity doesn’t stop there, look beyond The Project and navigate through your Saturday Indesign experience by following the trail of installations planned for the day.

Seating Gallery

Presented by Steelcase, the seating exhibit begins with the introduction of one of the company’s latest innovations, and a story about the circular economy. The exhibit then proceeds to a visualisation of an increasingly popular workplace and culminates in a visual overview of the Steelcase Seating Difference.

PLUS – an exclusive, secret promotional code will be given out to attendees!

JANUS et Cie’s Garden

Step into JANUS et Cie and be transported into a garden oasis. Experience their luxurious range of outdoor furniture in situ as you picture the garden of your dreams.

‘Shaping our Future’: An exhibition by Space Furniture

Shaping our Future is an installation in which Space takes a closer look at our design collection through the lens of ethical and sustainable practices. It’s the start of a journey that focuses on the role we play in business and as individuals in shaping the world we want.

An Indoor Forest at Maker&Son

Experience a unique showroom transformation as the team at Maker&Son create an indoor forest experience complete with trees and bracken throughout.

Jumping Photoshoot

Get your own viral Instagram moment at Maker&Son, where a custom shoot space will be set up to make you part of the Maker&Son world.

E-WASTELAND by Zetr and Walter Knoll

This installation challenges how long we’ve dealt with archaic power and data delivery systems and present the latest ‘25’ offering by Zetr.

Attending Saturday Indesign is free, skip the queue on the day and register your attendance online now!

Key event details:
Saturday Indesign 
21 May, 2022
Key design locations across Sydney 
Free to attend! Register now!

We can’t wait to see you at #saturdayindesign however don’t forget that May 21st is also the federal election. Saturday Indesign recommends registering for a postal vote to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the design action.