RMIT x HOW. + Autex Acoustics

20 third year and honours RMIT Interior Design students embarked on an 8-week guided project, an integral part of their course assessment, where they immersed themselves in hands-on learning by designing and presenting proposals to the HOW. and Autex teams for our Saturday Indesign project. The experience has helped to foster valuable skills and knowledge that will shape their academic and professional journeys.

The winning proposal, “Framing Conversations”, is a provocation for imagining a utopian future – where the community can come together through conversation. By engaging with Autex’s sustainable materials and the environment of HOW.’s showroom, the installation aims to incite conversation. Through framing, revealing, and enhancing qualities experienced in the interior space, the audience is encouraged to participate through dialogue as a reciprocal exchange between people and their environment. The installation allows for encounters by framing how a conversation is a critical and dynamic aspect of a utopian future.

The Melburnian, 250 St Kilda Road, Southbank