“The Retail Apocalypse Has Been Officially Cancelled”

Moderated by Aleesha Callahan

The brick and mortar retail store has long been claimed as a relic of the past. Or has it? As digital interfaces gobble up more of our time, retail spaces offer a new platform for interaction and experience. So how is design responding?

Discussion Panel

Aleesha Callahan

Aleesha Callahan is the editor of Indesignlive.com, bringing together a breadth of experience in design, digital, and publishing.

Aleesha started her career as an interior designer practising in Brisbane after graduating with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology. While living and working in Berlin, Aleesha was the curator for Architectuul’s Architects in Love video series, which debuted as an Associated Project for the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Aleesha’s writing has appeared in the pages of Indesign, Habitus, Details, Mezzanine and Studio. Over the past eight years, she has honed a passion for all things design and digital having worked in roles with the Australian Institute of Architects and various digital agencies.

In her role at Indesign Media, Aleesha is able to get to the bottom of design by interviewing the brightest talent, and exploring the themes that are shaping the design and architecture industry today.

Chris Haddad

Chris is a director of Archier, an award winning architecture studio that focuses on creating design experiences that contribute to a better quality of life. The studio makes spaces for people to grow, live better and connect to the environment they are a part of.

In his architectural practice Chris strives for affordable and responsive solutions that contribute to the public domain through innovation, material honesty, thermal performance and constructability. While being embedded in the front end design processes of the studio he also helps develop Archier’s industry and manufacturing partnerships.

Nicholas Braun

Nicholas is a director of Sibling Architecture, a practice that makes people’s lives better. They do this by creating environments, experiences and strategies that respond to social needs and desires, making everyday life easier, more engaging, and more fun. Working with communities, councils and companies, Sibling designs and delivers across all scales and types of building; cultural, commercial, domestic, institutional and landscape. Our research-based approach, driven by a keen interest in culture and connectivity, strengthens each project with fresh ideas and forms.