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Dr. Kirsten Brown

Dr. Kirsten Brown

Principal/Workplace Consultant - Six Ideas by Dexus

Kirsten started her career as a Landscape Architect before moving onto other aspects of real estate and design through to her current focus in the research of workplace and strategy. She has been involved in all aspects of workplace consultancy from design, construction, architectural products through to thought leadership. She believes an evidence-based and tailored approach is essential achieving the best outcomes for organisations while responding to the individual needs of employees.

Curiosity has been the motivation for complementary formal studies and research throughout her career. Kirsten has completed degrees in design, real estate, marketing and commerce and recently a PhD. This knowledge alongside practice results in highly considered outcomes supported by relevant global research.

Health in the office workplace is something that Kirsten is passionate about and believes we should be striving for workers to leave the office healthier than when they arrived.