The Project

What is the project?

The Project is one of the most highly anticipated features of Saturday Indesign. It is an opportunity for architects, designers and other creatives in the community to work with exhibiting companies and their products to create installations, visual displays and interactive experiences within showroom spaces. The Project creates a never-before-seen experience exclusive to Saturday Indesign, giving attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in tangible and immersive works created by exhibitors and some of our industry’s best minds.

Each year, the teams respond to a brief provided by Saturday Indesign to produce an experiential feature that reflects the values, talents and stories of all parties involved.

What is the brief?

For 2023, we challenge Saturday Indesign exhibitors and creative partners to embrace their visionary side, transforming their spaces into a paradise of their own creation. Working to the theme of “utopias”. This is a chance to transform exhibitor spaces into a world real or imagined, to provide a glimpse into the future of design and of society.

Think fields of flowers or installations with water, experimental design models or blueprints into sustainable futures. Lean into recycled material and up and coming talents, look for inspiration in unexpected places and bring the audience into your utopian creation.

Winya’s utopia is a decolonised space and is designed in collaboration with Indigenous artists across Naarm and nationally. Decolonisation seeks to reverse the negative impacts colonisation has had on Indigenous people and the land, particularly through direct and active listening to First Nation’s Voices. Winya’s space centres and celebrates Indigenous voices in the forms of space making, cultural sharing, and artist activations throughout the duration of the day. This space celebrates art and culture in many forms with community coming together to create a space almost entirely developed by First Nations people. We invite visitors on a journey starting at the intersection of Flinders Lane and Queen Street, travelling down Queen Street and through our showroom located at 15 Queen Street. Non-Indigenous visitors are encouraged to learn from and celebrate our cultural educators and performers through “paying the rent”.

Why do we “pay the rent”? Read more

Art produced by ENOKI ENOKi (They/Them) is a proud Dja Dja Wurrung and Yorta Yorta Blak Fulla based in Wurundjeri Country (Melbourne), they’re a multi-media artist with a main focus on digital media. ENOKi explores Blakness and Queer Identity themes in their practice and is heavily inspired by the ’80s, ’90s, and early ‘2000s artists, rap and hip-hop, and pop culture.

Hosted by Winya

For more than five decades, Verner Panton came up with countless designs that still provoke, stimulate and shock audiences today with their visionary, humorous riot of forms and colours. He called himself an inventor, and when asked which of his designs he was most fond of, his answer came without hesitation: The one I’ll do tomorrow. (S.S., 1996) For Panton, the key thing was the idea and the sheer joy of inventing something new – of suddenly seeing the world differently.

Reframing a selection of truly emblematic Verner Panton pieces by highlighting their social nature, Great Danestages a grand celebration of Verner Panton’s most joyful work. The undulating curves of the Cloverleaf sofa embodies a heritage of craft and true joie de vivre. Here, this iconic design and many more are presented in an immersive space that amplifies and animates Panton’s radical vision for living and lounging.

Venture on an innovative journey as Aspect Furniture join forces with their internal design teams to pioneer the future of materials. Explore the uncharted realms of Aspect ‘Tomorrow’s Materials Lab’ pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities to craft a sustainable and visionary tomorrow.

Hosted by Aspect Furniture

A series of highly technical structures dressed in handmade paper. Alone or in repetition, its luminous power can vary from a whisper to an exclamation. Tekiò, “adaptation” in Japanese, fuses ancient techniques with Dim to Warm LED technology, which allows the light to be regulated in intensity and colour temperature. Created by Anthony Dickens, this unique contemporary lamp is a contrast between the ancestral and the avant-garde.

Hosted by AJAR

20 third year and honours RMIT Interior Design students embarked on an 8-week guided project, an integral part of their course assessment, where they immersed themselves in hands-on learning by designing and presenting proposals to the HOW. and Autex teams for our Saturday Indesign project. The experience has helped to foster valuable skills and knowledge that will shape their academic and professional journeys.

The winning proposal, “Framing Conversations”, is a provocation for imagining a utopian future – where the community can come together through conversation. By engaging with Autex’s sustainable materials and the environment of HOW.’s showroom, the installation aims to incite conversation. Through framing, revealing, and enhancing qualities experienced in the interior space, the audience is encouraged to participate through dialogue as a reciprocal exchange between people and their environment. The installation allows for encounters by framing how a conversation is a critical and dynamic aspect of a utopian future.

Hosted by Autex Acoustics, HOW.

Dive into an extraordinary water-projecting experience that immerses you in a multisensory wonderland, where sight, sound, and touch unite to transport you to the depths of aquatic marvels, leaving you awestruck and refreshed.

Hosted by AXOR

Unleash your creativity as everyone contributes their unique touch to the art of weaving, culminating in a magnificent collective masterpiece that showcases the beauty of collaboration and the power of individual expression coming together as one.

Hosted by Signature Floors

Utopia and dystopia are but two sides of the same coin of human imagination – one envisions the world as it could be, the other as it might fall; both illuminate the depths of our dreams and fears.

Experience the ultimate eco-adventure as you unleash your creativity and build your sustainable haven using vibrant, colored crates. In this immersive experience, you become the architect of change, transforming recycled materials into unique and inspiring structures that redefine eco-friendly living.

Hosted by HAY

Step into a mesmerising VR adventure where you don the goggles and find yourself whisked away to a breathtaking utopian bathroom scape, where imagination knows no bounds and dreams become reality.

Hosted by Reece, Neolith

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