The Project

What is the project?

The Project is one of the most highly anticipated features of Saturday Indesign. It is an opportunity for architects, designers and other creatives in the community to work with exhibiting companies and their products to create installations, visual displays and interactive experiences within showroom spaces. The Project creates a never-before-seen experience exclusive to Saturday Indesign, giving attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in tangible and immersive works created by exhibitors and some of our industry’s best minds.

Each year, the teams respond to a brief provided by Saturday Indesign to produce an experiential feature that reflects the values, talents and stories of all parties involved. In 2022, the theme is regeneration, which prompts exhibitors, creatives and attendees alike to consider their role in a society which is reawakening, with many of us facing realities of climate destruction, mass wastage, and a lack of true human connection.

When we think of regeneration, we think of all things natural and handmade: of seasons and AI, robotics and life cycles. We think of old buildings brought back to life, of ground-breaking innovations, of communities reconnecting and movements of sustainability.

This theme is all about who we were, who we are and who we want to be.

Geyer and Wilkhahn take you through a journey of the evolution of the workplace, a transcendental and experiential installation that connects past, present and future. Anchored in the exploration of Wilkhahn’s iconic FS line, which has seen iterations and regenerations since its launch in 1980, the project brings a mix of physical, visual and augmented […]

SeehoSu invites you to picnic in our new showroom. Our approach to “regeneration” is to demonstrate how effortlessly good design and sustainability can be achieved when nature, knowledge and craftsmanship is inherently embedded in each and every piece of our furniture.

Hosted by Seeho Su

This year our Project is our Indoor Forest at our Maker&Son, Alexandria Showroom. Step into another world as we transform our showroom into an indoor forest experience complete with trees and bracken throughout. This installation is facilitated by Liv Green who we are so thrilled to be working with this year.  Come and find yourself in our world of Maker&Son, where pieces are built with the foundation of Love, Authenticity and a sense of Home.

Hosted by Maker&Son

Individuals are guided through the space by illuminated cubes containing Stormtech’s product off cuts, showcasing Stormtech’s practice of recycling and sustainability. Renewing and re-using products to reduce the environmental footprint is leading to growth and new versions of what has been.

Cleverly designed by ARM Architecture and crafted by Kaolin, this circular patterned installation speaks to the viewer, where Regeneration becomes fully realised at a given point or moment in time.

Hosted by Kaolin Tiles

Through various iterations we developed a demountable structural system that can be easily used to stack the stone slabs, creating a piece that restores its sculptural qualities. It is a prototype that involves cutting up a stone slab, with the idea that after the exhibition, it can be taken apart and reused for other purposes if required

Hosted by Anterior XL

To replicate the psychological transformation of being “reborn” we will be referencing colour strategies from a variety of influences such as Johannes Itten, Joseph Albers, Sanzo Wada. We plan on experimenting with colour action, layering and in turn creating a journey of colour interaction.

Hosted by Porter’s Paints

Teaming with Ignite, the students of Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University are Regenerating the fireside experience with the best of Australian design and crafting. Utilising the concept of DAY/NIGHT, they look to challenge the role of the fireplace in the contemporary home by igniting the senses.