The Project

What is the project?

The Project is one of the most highly anticipated features of Saturday Indesign. It is an opportunity for architects, designers and other creatives in the community to work with exhibiting companies and their products to create installations, visual displays and interactive experiences within showroom spaces. The Project creates a never-before-seen experience exclusive to Saturday Indesign, giving attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in tangible and immersive works created by exhibitors and some of our industry’s best minds.

Each year, the teams respond to a brief provided by Saturday Indesign to produce an experiential feature that reflects the values, talents and stories of all parties involved.

Are you a creative that’s interested in getting involved in The Project at Saturday Indesign 2024? Click here to express your interest and kickstart the collaboration process!

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What is the brief?

In 2024, we challenge Saturday Indesign creative partners to embark on a transformative journey under the theme of ‘Reawaken’! Embrace your visionary spirit and breathe new life into your space by championing sustainability. We encourage you to reimagine and repurpose, incorporating recycling and reusing old products and things into your designs. Let ‘Reawaken’ guide you as you transcend the ordinary and weave a narrative of renewal, where each space becomes a canvas to creativity and environmental consciousness.

Previous Project Installations