Materials & Painting

Making painting materials from materials from country, painting with materials

Artist: Lorraine Brigdale (she/her), Yorta Yorta multimedia artist

Lorraine is a proud Yorta Yorta woman and multi award winner, has always been experimental with her craft. Her art works are made with hand-sourced and hand-prepared earth materials and pigments created from ground Ochres, Minerals & Mica. Having her hands in ochre, many thousands of years in the making, connects her to the Ancestors. Learning its language and how it behaves in a contemporary exploration of an age old medium, she is using materials from country, exploring how ochres and other minerals work as a contemporary art medium. Lorraine’s creative response to country in the form of painting with the earth leads her to make paintings that tell the story of her journey in an artistic urge coming from ancestral memory. “Working with ochre links me with my Ancestors its my country”s way of calling me home”.

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