Woolee Woolee Keetwanta – An Indigenous Art Projection

Woolee Woolee Keetwanta is a video and sound work that appears and invites the passer-by/viewer a glimpse into a future way of living; living in a world that values First Peoples knowledge, language, culture Law and Being; where we ARE First Peoples in our Lands; language is our Mother Tongue and spoken again as our daily means of communication and where the ‘other’ have been integrated into Country, into ‘place’ on our terms, in our Ways in our Law.

Vicki Couzens is a Keerray Wooroong Gunditjmara woman from the Western Districts of Victoria. Vicki has worked in Aboriginal community affairs for 42+ years. She is a Senior Knowledge Holder for Possum Skin Cloak Story and Language Reclamation and Revival in her Gunditjmara Mother Tongue. Vicki’s contributions in the reclamation, regeneration and revitalisation of cultural knowledge and practices extend across the ‘arts and creative cultural expression’ spectrum including language research and community development; public art, community arts, visual and performing arts, writing, publications and her own creative expression. Vicki acknowledges her Ancestors and Elders who guide her in her work.

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